geeking out

I am nerding out so hard.
As in, did you know Code Academy actually walks you through a homepage build of Airbnb??!! What?! I almost swooned when I found out, much to James's dismay. But really. I'm now obsessed with all of their coding lessons and Java lessons and, well, pretty much all of it. THIS is what I've been needing to take my web design biz to the next level.

Also, in case you lived under a rock far, far away from my blog last week, you know the INdiana Small Business Expo happened, and I had a booth, and I met almost 100 small business owners in my area who have some level of interest in the services I provide. Which, assuming they all bought new website designs, social media packages, and SEO services amounts to like, ONE KAJILLION DOLLARS. That's not an estimate. I did the math.

And then, in the midst of all this meeting folks and geeking out about learning stuff, I also stumbled across these FREE MBA courses by U Penn and I can't even handle it. As in, as of today, I'm enrolled in an Operations Management course (fo free) with lectures and message boards and homework and all.

So, in the course of a week, my "business" ability is jumping from a meager "this is cool. maybe I could try it for a while?" to "holy crap. i'm about to know the ins-and-outs of financials, operations, marketing, and coding. this is so legit. #makebank" Okay, not really bank but I could start building WAY more websites in the next couple of months.

Why does this make me so excited? More responsibility. More work. More clients. More EVERYTHING. But I seriously love doing this work. Wouldn't it be cool to say that about your full-time job? Like, "I genuinely can't wait to find out my next project at work." Seems pretty cool to me!

Oh, and this was the laziest weekend ever. We made tacos. That was the highlight. For realz. #stillgotit


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