feeling weird

I'm feeling weird this week. Not sure why. Not enough sleep, maybe? Or not enough exercise? I had a nightmare last night that we were able to train and feed our dog through an online portal, which was super exciting, but when we got home, the place was trashed from the portal spitting dog food everywhere and Daisy trashing the place. It was awful. Also, is there another word for "nightmare"? I don't think I use that properly... But anyway.

I think that dream was a metaphor for my work-life in the last couple of weeks. We had a big project and I was (kinda, sorta) the point person to make sure it all got done. On top of that, my regular duties, and my part-time hours were making work stresssssful. It's slowing down a bit now, but Monday it came to my attention (all at once), that I had messed up like 3 or 4 smaller (but very important!) projects during the bulk of the work for aforementioned big project. I felt awful!! People rely on you, and trust that you'll do good work, then you miss a step or forget to write something down or just find yourself exhausted and your work starts slipping. 

I've also been feeling pretty edgy about Web Design by Sarah. I LOVE it. For real. So much love. But with that big project at work, and then the amount of weekend travel we've been doing, my business (and customer service) has suffered. Arrrgh. Not the way I want to spend the first true week of fall-y goodness. 

I'm trying not to beat myself up, but you guys know how it is. You take pride in yourself and your work when it's great, right? So how can we expect ourselves to not feel a little jab of guilt or pain when our work suffers? Mostly because of the other people who were counting on us, and the less-than-stellar effort they received from us in one way or another. 

All in all, life is good. Money is tight. Travels are imminent. The dog hasn't had an indoor potty accident in .... 5 days. That's hella good news. So I can't complain about anything the Universe is throwing at me, just hoping to learn how to juggle a few more balls in the air with finesse and poise instead of wincing and ripping my hair out (and, consequently) ripping inappropriate jokes that cause general awkwardness in my general area.

Quick: Send me a cat meme. Gotta shake this weirdness. 

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  1. in my world that is definitely considered a nightmare. it is also probably one of those your dream is trying to tell you something. hope you life gets less 'messy' soon

  2. That's so stressful! I feel your pain. My sister got married a few weeks ago, which of course comes with a certain amount of stress, but the weeks leading up were also busy at work with deadlines... mega stress. I have had several nightmare versions of her wedding since then... ugh. At least I feel like soon after the crazy is a little calm. :) Good luck/Hope your booth at the business fair goes/went well! XO -Alexandra

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  3. Oh my gosh! When I get stressed out at work I always have crazy dreams. Hope you can take some time to just relax soon!

  4. oh you poor thing! that sounds horrible. if i could work out how to attach a cat meme to my comment, i would.