I can't even handle what's happening in my life right now. Earlier this week, Kay was tweeting up a storm about her Fantasy League and seeing if there were anymore takers. In case you were unaware, when I visited DC for the first time ever a few weekends ago, it was mostly because my boothang is in a Fantasy league and had to travel to DC to do the draft. #ridiculous But I digress.

I jokingly was all, "What if I joined your league and then kicked everyone's butts??" because I have never paid attention to football outside of the Colts and Thanksgiving Day because, tradition. But he looked at me all steely-eyed, and didn't think my joke was funny, because he said (seriously), "There's a waiting list to join our league, and we kick people out who don't take it seriously." aka -- YOU could never play in MY league. 

And I was heartbroken, of course, because I've always wanted to obsess about stats and experience the heartbreak and partake in the name calling that is "fantasy football." But then, Kay... well, she's making my dreams come true. I'm in a league, you guys! A real-life fantasy football league. And my team is aptly named "Pink Lightning." (still confused about why the dudes didn't want me in their league.)

Wish me luck! Also, I see pink fingernails with lightning stripes in my near future. The sports bars are gonna looove me. :)

Are you in a league? Do you have any idea what the heck we're doing?
Advice, please!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. hahaha good luck gorgeous! you are hilarious. i know next to nothing about fantasy football.

  2. Dear love, I just joined a league myself and everyone in it is mean Lol...how do you deal with the chatter!?

    1. This is a brand new group of folks for me, so I haven't had any smack talk happening yet. haha I've apparently got a really great team, though! So that helps. :)