Chuck in some pluck, why don't ya?

Before you get too excited, know that the "plucky" life is one of small budgets, basic makeup application, and lots of side braids. Still with me? Great. Let's get started.

  1. The first Saturday of every month is half-off day at Goodwill (in Indy, at least). That's where you'll get 87% of your wardrobe (but not shoes. eww.). Take the outfit pictured, for example. The jeans were less than $20 at Penny's, the shirt and vest were both thrift finds, the necklace a $3 purchase from Amazon, and even my (prescription) glasses were $13.95. When it comes to saving $$, I'm not even trying anymore. It's just the plucky way of life.
  2. Sleeping in curlers looks like you fixed your hair the next morning, even though you rolled out with 10 minutes to make coffee, pack lunch, throw on office-appropriate clothes, walk and feed the dog, and --oh yeah-- pull the curlers out of your hair. Side braids are similarly stylish though slightly more obviously lazy. 
  3. Bitter is the new magically delicious. Dark roast coffee may not have more caffeine, but it sure tastes like it. Dry red wine and thick, bitter beer are also great choices for the plucky life. This is because guzzling comes naturally, and ordering black coffee or bitter beer slows ya down. This is good (a) for your waistline and (b) for your headache in the morning.
  4. Get the rebate, Black Friday deal, and customer loyalty pricing. In the end, you'll have a sweet new phone that you like a lot. Also, everyone else will comment on the fact that it's huge (and you'll spend months resisting "that's what she said" comebacks). Also also, it's a wicked-awesome phone, and when Apple releases crazily overpriced new products, you won't even flinch. 
  5. Create graphics in PowerPoint. Confession time: Pretty much every "graphic design" you see on my blog was created in PowerPoint. Why? I don't know. It was what I knew, and once you get to know something, it's hard to stop. And then I learned that I could save my PowerPoint creations as PDFs and that greatly increased the print quality (basically the only problem I've had with using it), well.. I was sold. Again! 
  6. Bloggers, rejoice! Google+ app will automatically backup the images on your phone to your Google+ account. Since you don't actually use Google+, you're probably wondering why that's so exciting. I'll explain. When you login to Blogger and add an image to a new post, you now have the option to pull images straight from your phone. It's amazeballs.
  7. Never buy eyeliner again. For years now, I've simply used the tip of an eyeshadow applicator in black or very dark shadow. It's like the easiest smokey-eye of all time. And it last forever. No sharpening (and subsequently getting pencil shards near your eyeballs) or screwing (har har). Also, I always add a dab of blush to the tip of my nose. I guess it's a sun-kissed thing? No clue. But there you have it. Plucky people put blush on their noses.
Oh, that should get you started. Use these 7 hacks and you'll be well on your way to the Pluckiest way of Life. You might as well go ahead and start your Revenge addiction. Also, find somewhere to volunteer your time and energy for a cause that's important to you. Very plucky, indeed.

Happy weekend! 

Planning something plucky this weekend?? Spill, girl!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

Sarah, aka "Plucky", blogs on the reg, unless she's on vacation or there's a Pretty Little Liars marathon or she's mulling over the implications of the phrase "on fleek." She can't live without iced coffee, a portable phone charger, or equal pay. Say hello!


  1. we have a thrift store called Value Village. Same thing, no shoes ew. But most everything else is fair game.

  2. hmmmm I wonder if Goodwill in KY does half off on the first saturday of every month. Need to check that out!

  3. I love these! So fun. I also get most of my clothes at thrift stores now! And definitely nearly all of my around the house stuff. :) This google+ thing was so good to know when you posted it! I got hot curlers recently but haven't tried them out yet. KC does his design stuff in power point too. Mine is that when my hair looks frizzy on top but it's not dirty yet, I switch my side part to the other side... amazing, new curls! XO -Alexandra

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