101 in 1,001 -- UPDATE!

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Do you ever set goals for yourself only to semi forget about them, then go back to the list and think, "Hey! I haven't done half bad!!"? That's definitely the case with my 101 in 1,001. That's 101 goals to be completed in 1,001 days. There are TONS of articles about the importance of setting goals, most of them focusing on living on purpose, and having direction, and learning more about yourself just by the process of making goals. Lots of good brain stuff happening in goal-setting, if you will.

I heard about the 101 in 1,001 from The Design Darling (ultra adorable), and as a semi-Type A, I was like a moth to the flame. I couldn't help myself. Setting goals for a month or a year from now feels totally doable. But nearly 3 years from now? What?! Let's just ignore the fact that I'll be 30 by then and focus on the fact that it feels impossible to have any sort of firm grasp on what's coming next in a millennial's* life!! Am I right? I mean, 30 is a magic number where we'll all be making 6 figures and have found our dream jobs and be considering purchasing that second home on the lake, right?? .... Hello? Bueller?

Alright. I admit it. 30 is no magic number. We'll probably still be having arguments over who gets to take the nicer lunch to work and who has to eat leftovers because, HELLO -- budgets. So please don't feel like you'll find lots of earth-shattering goals on this list. No millionaire status or curing of anything. Just life. My life. This topsy-turvy, love-it-then-hate-it-then-REALLY-LOVE-IT life o' mine.

Exhibit A: The Check Offs
2. Take Daisy to Puppy Classes (come/sit/stay, leash training) (August 14)
33. Get a library card in my new town. (July 14)
41. Visit NYC. Be a total tourist. (July 14)
44. Visit my brother in Virginia Beach. (August 14)
48. Visit Washington DC. (August 14)
54. Work with a personal trainer. (August 14 - present)
75. Have groceries delivered. (August 14)
93. Splurge on a Banana Republic shopping spree for James. (September 14)

If you're interested in more excellent adventures, check out Alexandra's 101 in 1,001. Feeling inspired yet?! If you write your own, shoot -- you better let me know!

*I'm not 100% sure what a "millennial" is in dictionary terms, but all of the articles I read about them (good and bad) seem to suggest I am one... so I'm going with it.

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  1. Thanks for linking me. :) That's awesome how many you've checked off already!! :) And so many travel ones... love! XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. those are some solids check offs!

  3. I love lists, but I thought I'd start small and do a 30 before 30 - and I'll struggle to even check all those off - way to go girly on checking some of yours off.

  4. That's a great list! Lots of fun stuff...I love making lists, i'll admit it. Total nerd. :D