10 things I loved about this week

Do you ever have days/weeks from Hades? Because this week might have been one of those. Nothing seemed to be work properly the first go 'round and my Labor day "party" last weekend was a bust (aka. no one showed. at.all.) and the dog is peeing in the carpet and I need new brake pads on my car and. and. AND. Sheesh. It was stressful in so many ways. But today, I'm choosing to focus on the things I really loved.

"You travel A LOT."
This sentiment has been shared several times lately by friends and family, and I'm seriously so not mad to hear it. I am ecstatic to be known as those "crazy travelers." #winning

Fantasy Football
My QB did pretty well last night! The game was on, and I noticed it a few times, but otherwise, "watching the game" was an experience in Honey Whiskey drinking and puppy talk. Plus - points! So, that was pretty cool.

Making Fitness Strides
I mentioned the Facebook accountability group, right? Well, it's helping me immensely. I don't know if the others feel the same, but hey. I took two -- count 'em TWO -- jogs this week. And, of course, when Daisy comes along, we gotta run for ASPCA. #charitymiles

Humans of New York
Are you following HONY? He's in refugee camps right now and it is so human and hopeful and heartbreaking. This would be a great time to start following the Facebook page. The stories are incredible, and they're only tiny snippets about the people and lives he photographs. Just an awe-inspiring project. Really puts my "bad week" into perspective.

Taylor Swift 
[but really, she always makes me happy]
So, maybe I need to be more creative with my responses to these things, but really! I'm SO no mad to hear this! Also, have you seen the article about her response to a fan being bullied? She just rocks.

Christmas Cruise
Did I mention traveling is the bomb?? Okay. Just checking. Basically since we met, James and I have discussed taking a cruise. Neither of us ever has, and we both want to desperately, but you need to do things like "budget" and "save up" for those sorts of things. Uggh. Hoping we can get our acts together to take a much discounted Caribbean cruise on his winter break from school!

Fall Flavored Candle Season
Oh my gosh. I've tweeted about it, blogged about it, dreamed about it. I kid you not. This is the best smelling candle of all time. And yes, I took this candle (burning, mind you) outside into the sunlight to try to photograph it properly. Are you catching onto the severity of this situation?

Daisy Kisses
Do we need an explanation? See that huge puppy grin? That's what I'm talking about. :) And I don't even care much that you can see the dirty laundry and out-of-control cord situation that is our bedroom.

Hair Cuttery
Once in my life, I gave a guy a hair cut. It was my little brother, he was in high school (I think) and I made a huge, butchered mess out of his head. Pretty sure it ended up shaved in the end. Did I mention this story to my boo when we talked about how easy it would be for me to give him a hair cut earlier this week? Yes. ...but only after I started cutting and there was no turning back. Maybe we'll do something fun sometime soon and you'll get a glimpse of my handy-work in a mushy, couple-y selfie or two. 

Being a Bridesmaid
I know I already blogged about it and it's probably technically last week, but I have been riding the high of helping my friend last Saturday with wedding prep! So excited to be a part of that!! :)

How was your week?

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. yay for being the crazy travellers! i wish we were thought of like that amongst our friends. boo that no one showed up to your party - i asked people if they would come to my party if i had a halloween party and NO ONE responded so its like they're not showing up in advance :( haha!

  2. I love your new design! And I totes would have came to your party, because you are a cool and fun person and I'm sure you throw awesome parties! Those losers missed out. That is so disheartening. But that candle is delicioso, and congrats on jogging TWICE this week! (That is two more times than me. Woops.) Way to focus on the positives, friend.

  3. Daisy.. she's killing me! So cute! Sorry you had a rough week, but I like your positive focus. :) Traveling is the best and I wish I could do it more! Cruises are super fun, and actually really cheap! KC is big on math and price comparing and figures that we spend at least the same amount on shorter trips to closer destinations. This is mostly because a cruise = transport + food + lodging... which is pretty sweet. There are obviously negatives and positives, but it is really affordable and lower stress than planning out every little stop on a road trip. (which I love too. . :) haha). Our second car died this week... I think it's fixable.. but I haven't had the heart to investigate yet since we carpool... here's to a better one! XO-Alexandra

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