"Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates...."

Coming down off the high that was a day spent helping one of my favorite ladies design her wedding invitations... I don't even know what to do with my hands. This photo was on our whirlwind Eurotrip two and a half years ago. We're outside the palace in London, getting our Queen's Guard on. That trip was a game-changer for me. Growing up with less-than-enough, it never occurred to me in my wildest dreams that I would actually spend my 25th birthday in Paris. Something clicked, and I realized that I actually do have the ability to do whatever I set my mind to. And it just wouldn't have been possible without the support (and thorough planning, copy-making, and schedule-checking) of my friend. 

As we chatted over dinner this evening about the future, and being adults, and goals, I was reminded just how valuable it is to have people with whom we can be vulnerable -- people who know enough of our souls that we don't really have to explain ourselves or hold back for fear of being judged or turned away. In a world of shallow celebrities as role models, and social media "likes" replacing IRL friendships, I'm just in awe of how truly wonderful it is to have girlfriends. I'm not going to go all Disney Channel on you and act like it's all roses and butterflies. When you have intelligent, independent, strong-willed gals in the same room, sometimes tensions rise, tempers flare, and hearts are hurt, but at the end of the day, you know these people have your back and love you for who you are. ...I kind of feel the need to tell a poop joke to break up this sap fest, but I shan't. 

So incredibly humbled to be asked to be a part of this very special time in my friend's life, and just as humbled by the true friendship that she offers.

If I wasn't still feeling disgustingly hungover from the beer* I drank last night, I'd probably do some tequila shots and get really heartfelt up in here. Lucky you, that's not happening. But I do feel a Dexter marathon coming on... 

Happy Saturday night! Make good choices!

*weak sauce

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  1. aw such a sweet post. honestly, dont know where i would be without my girlfriends.