DC stands for "da capital"

Oh, heyyyyy. Who visited DC for the first time ever this weekend?? Daisy, that's who!! ...and me too. What??! Need I remind you that I have a Bachelors in (US) History?! 'Cause I do. But this was my first trip to our nation's capital! It was a last-minute deal that involved me driving an extra 6 hours to visit my bro (no photos #sad), but there was definitely some time spent on the Mall, with a gigantic Mr. Lincoln, and I even managed to fling myself down a stairway and come home with a gnarly skinned-knee-ensemble that you would envy if you could see it. ... PS. I've always thought of Georgetown as this splendidly beautiful place. Fun Fact: Most of it is gross looking. Those square, beige brick buildings that ruled the earth in the mid-80s? Well, they still rule at Georgetown, minus Healy Hall (pictured) and the new sciency-medicine building. All of the frosh were moving in, and they were setting up a Welcome Week picnic on the grounds. Gosh, it made me miss college. People everywhere. Everything within walking distance. Literally dozens of people within a few square miles who could potentially be my new best friend. Ahhhh. Those were the days..... but I digress. The real news of the trip (I could tell your breath was slightly bated in anticipation of "the real news"), Daisy is an excellent traveler!! She mostly slept in her crate during the 9+ hour drive there and back, and everyone she met fell in love instantly. It was pretty great!

After 24+ hrs in the car in a 72 hour period, let's just say that Monday morning was ruff. Tons going on at work this week, and early mornings for me. I'll admit that I'm not a great sport about getting up earlier than usual, but hey. This morning I must have been just grumpy enough because after work I came home to candlelight, wine, hot dinner at a set table, and a clean apartment. Whew. This guy... ♥

Have you had any grand adventures lately??! Tell me all the things!

*She's a dog. It's the correct lingo. Chillax.

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  1. that is so great that she is a good traveller!! I love DC. Aw how sweet is your man!

  2. love this! Those kinds of trips are awesome. A few weekends ago when we saw 'what if' we went up to Iowa for a wedding, only a 4 ish hour drive, but it was fun to get out and about. Though admittedly all we did was go to the wedding, eat panera in the car and then drive back to KC. :) haha Seattle in October! (eek.) planning. ugh. XO-Alexandra

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