There were always dogs around when I was growing up, but none of them were mine. Enter Daisy Dog in February of this year, and all of that changed. By "all of that," I mean the vet bills, the regurgitation of food before re-consuming it, the hair err'where. All of that. I had weighed the monetary costs before taking on the pup, so I knew there would be some life changes when Ms. D arrived. Some things that have changed, however, I just wasn't expecting....

{::} there's a secret club, and now I'm in it.
Before I had a dog, I never met a neighbor or struck up conversation with a stranger on the street, and if I just stopped to chat with a little tyke, it was weird. But now? I'm in the club! Strangers and neighbors with dogs are my insta buds, and those who don't have a furry friend on a leash are just in love with my puppy's cute smile and waggy tail. People are chatting me up on the regular now. It's like this little fuzz ball is my golden ticket into this secret club.

{::} fecal matter just doesn't gross me out anymore.
It's been on my leg, my fingers, my carpet. I've watched it be eaten, rolled in, stepped on, and smeared. No longer something to be avoided, it's now a subject of inspection. Is it too runny? The wrong color? Not enough? And, weirdly, I've discovered that picking it up while it's still warm is much preferred to letting it cool off.
first bath
{::} my preference no longer matters.
Before I had a puppy, I got to sit back and make all sorts of claims about what would happen if I ever did get a puppy. (I think first-time parents might go through this too, though that's just speculation). For example, the term "fur mom" sets my teeth on the ever-lovin' edge. Referring to me as my dog's "mom" has all sorts of weird, Freudian, messed-up-Greek-mythological-context that just don't sit well with me. With my pup before me, however, no one gives a crap if I'm comfortable or not. She's constantly being told to "go to Mommy" or "Don't jump up. Your mom doesn't like that" or "You have a such a good mommy" etc. etc. etc. It drives me bonkers, but it's just not worth fighting it in most cases. Because they're making a passing comment and my blood pressure just can't handle that constant level of irritation. So, self, get over it. Your preferences no longer matter.

{::} I splurge a lot more.
Never mind the fact that Daisy is a dog and thinks ice cubes and pretzels are the best treats on earth. For some reason, every time I hit the grocery store, I'm drawn to the Pet Food aisle and dehydrated pigs' ears or tennis ball toys or peanut butter flavored treats find their way into my cart. I swear, I spend more money on this mutt than I ever thought possible. Let's not even talk about the fact that I need the premiere vet in our area ($35 just for walking in the place) or that I just spent $50 on a hair cut for a dog... Do you know how many $50 hair cuts I've had in my life? ZERO. Yeah...

{::} no other dog measures up
Before I had a dog, I loved everyone else's dog. I had a sense of pride and love for my friends' dogs. And there were just so many cute ones, and the playing, and the tail wagging. I just loved them all. But now, most of that is reserved for my own Daisy Dog. I still enjoy other people's dogs, but some of that shine is missing. I guess all of the poop-scooping and leash-tugging are part of that shine because that's pretty much all Daisy offers that they don't.... but oh well. She's mine now, and I love the little nugget, as much as a human can love her dog. And I like to think she's glad that I'm her human,* too. :)

Do you have a dog? Any surprises you weren't expecting after becoming a "pet parent?" #shudder

*Please note, I said I'm her human, not her mom. ...weirdos.

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  1. Haha this is all so true. We don't have a dog yet, but having my own cat is so much different than I imagined.. possibly because she's actually some sort of furry dragon-cat hybrid... but she is SO high maintenance. Doesn't like us leaving the room, or sleeping in past 5... she doesn't sleep that much, and doesn't like being held or petted.... it's bizarre. I've had cats my whole life, and none of them were ever this strange. But I love her. :) Daisy is adorable. XO-Alexandra

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