caution: nerdiness ensues

Heyyyyy, team.
Happy Thursday.
It occurred to me last night-ish that I do some really cool things, like crochet while I watch Dexter and blog about my dog a lot and, the coolest of all, I use a website to generate emojis for my tweets / statuses when I'm on the computer instead of my phone. Wha???

Let that cool factor drizzle* all over you for a sec.

Just in case you aspire to one day be as cool as me, I figured why not share?

Here ya go.

Thanks to and moi, you'll never have to start replying to a tweet on the computer only to realize an emoji is absolutely necessary and then have to re-type it on your phone to include the appropriate symbology. No need to thank me, just your average millennial on a mission to solve #FirstWorldProblems!

Now that your world has been thoroughly rocked, I hope you have a pleasant rest of your Thursday.

*Fun Fact: I was given the word "drizzle" in a Spell Bowl practice in Junior High. I miss-spelled it and was never allowed to compete for my team. wah-waah

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  1. Ohh. Emm. Gee. I've been needing this all my life.Well, all my iPhone life at least. Thank you for sharing! Emojis are truly a girl's best friend. Especially the diamond and doggy emojis. Hashtag winning

  2. This is awesome. I can honestly say that the salsa dancing one is my most used emoji. I use it in place of excited words. Kyle: 'do you want to see a movie tonight?!' Me: (salsa dancers). And never one... always 4 or 5. haha. I think otherwise I need my own set of emojis that include a face palm.. and a really caffeinated face. :) XO-Alexandra

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