but seriously

By a show of hands, who's WAY out of shape right now? Like, way more than usual. Way past the point of blaming these tight pants on a mere bloating incident. *slowly raises hand*

GUYS. True story alert. Yesterday, at work, I walked myself right on over to Target to buy a new pair of black pants. To change into. At work. because the pair I wore to work were so tight I couldn't breathe. This is a problem.

I'm not going to commit to yet another diet and exercise routine because I can't stand to let myself down again. That's where you guys come in. Is there anyway, dearest friends who art fitter than I, that we could start some accountability group or something? Can we face time each other at the gym so we actually do our workouts? Google Hangout while we sweat our butts off to blogilates? Build workout playlists for each other? Challenge one another to a certain mileage goal or healthy breakfast every morning for a week? Commit to a certain length of time each day we'll walk our dogs? Can we discuss our goals for the month, the week, the day and then share successes and ... failures (as they will be many)? Encourage each other, share workout resources, recipes, and tips that work for us? SOMETHING??!

If we started in the first week of September, we'd have 12 weeks until Thanksgiving. Not that any of you lovely people needs to lose any weight, but I've heard a pound of weight loss per week is fairly healthy, so by Thanksgiving, we could be -12 lbs. Anybody interested?? We can put money on it, if that motivates you / keeps you engaged, but I certainly don't think that has to be part of it.

Some thing has got to change. I'm working with a personal trainer (and I love it!!), but 2 hours of exercise a week and all the beer and french fries just aren't cutting it. Anybody out there willing to save me?!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. i will snapchat you selfies anytime i am at the gym. will that help? also if that pants get tight, you can always just go back to the dress dare, they are more forgiving!

  2. this is a great idea! i want to start instagraming selfies after a workout but i feel too self concious.
    i am SO out of shape right now. the other day my friend said 'you have worn those jeans every time i have seen you lately! you must love them!' and i was like 'yeah...' but really, no bitch they are the only thing that fit. lol.
    i am going away next weekend with some skinny bitches (who i love) and there might be bikinis involved and i am just not ready. i havent put on a bikini at all this year. i was gonna do the military diet thing but thats stupid. i just want to snap my fingers and be done.

  3. I needed a boost to motivate me earlier in the month and I'm doing good so far. Nothing too extreme - because let's face it, I'm a lazy ass wreck - but I do yoga in the mornings and do a HIIT workout in the evenings. I've also been drinking more water lately (my blog friends shout out to me from time to time to drink water during the day) so it's been curbing my appetite a little more. If you want, I could send you the links to the Yoga Challenge and Beginner HIIT challenge that I do.