I don't even know how to function right now. As in, I think about blogging all the time but I suddenly find myself consumed with work or play, and there's no in-between. As a quick recap, I started my own web design business a year ago this month. It's been a slow, fun process to learn new skills, meet great people, and explore new things. Currently, I'm building 4 (and now possibly 5!) websites, performing maintenance or other tasks on at least 4 different sites. I'm also ramping up for my first appearance as a vendor at the INdiana Small Business Fair in September. Ordering banners and giveaways and trying to figure out my booth. All good things!

This morning, I met with my personal trainer. He needs a website; I need to slim and trim. We're calling it a win-win. This evening, I'm meeting with a start up business owner who's just getting started to learn more about her needs for online marketing and website design. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm meeting one last time with one of my first clients before she ups and moves to Florida! #cray I've met some really cool people like the HOPE for Families folks and Hambley Farms (of course) and I'm super happy with the way Pooja's blog design came together after a few drafts. Oh, and Foist Painting's site was incredibly fun and unique to work with!

I'm so happy with this little business of mine. It's not growing at lightning speed or making me a million dollars, but it's a whopping success as far as I'm concerned. I really enjoy the work and the people. My only complaint - I miss blogging regularly!! Going to have to figure that out... Thanks for sticking with me (and being great cheerleaders!) in this little journey, y'all.

If you're feeling frisky, checkout my sidebar ad on onetonothin.com and allthatglittersisgold.net. These ladies rock for letting me put myself out there all over their sidebars.

Thanks a mil!

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  1. if you figure out how to work two jobs and blog help a sister out. I am struggling to balance it all!

  2. Me too, lady! Just started job numero dos. This shit is hard!!

  3. oh i was just thinking about how i am not busy enough! lol. i wish i had something i could do as well, but i'm just not good at anything!