thinking thoughts

I've been thinking.*
I've been thinking about life, and messaging, and purpose.
I've been thinking about my Sarky Tuesday posts (which I love!) and how I hope those who stumble across them find them humorous and fun, instead of rude and self-serving.
I've been thinking about how we see ourselves and how people see us.
I've been thinking.

I'm in a weird place with blogging at the moment. I enjoy documenting photos and memories, but I think I should start an online scrapbook if that's my point. I'm pretty in love with this dude who's kind of awesome, so I don't have a lot of angst in my heart and I also have no desire to gag myself with uber-romantic posts all the time. Blech. I LOVE to travel, and I've missed it, but moving into our new place has afforded us the budget to do a lot more of that travelling, so I can't even gripe about that. I don't know. So it's got me questioning: What is my message? Why do I come back here time after time? Is it self-serving (and is that okay?)? Or do I have something that feels important enough to share?

It's a little crazy how much of a person you see in their blog posts. You see our triumphs, but man, our despair is real. And in your face. Thank goodness crying-selfies aren't a thing. At least, I hope they aren't a thing....

So maybe when you're reading my blog, you are seeing parts of me that I am not even aware exist. That's kind of terrifying, fyi, but also a little amazing. I LOVE being a human. I love being a woman. I love being a 20-something. I love it all. I struggle with some pretty mundane life issues.

This vs. That
Work Part Time & Flexible Schedule
  Budget & Save
Cat Person
Move Far Away & Explore the World
Buy Local
Settle down. Start a family.
Good Food & Good Beer
Splurge on fun things
Enjoy the world with everything I’ve got
Work Long Hours & Make a Lot of $$
Splurge @ Target
Dog Person 
Never miss a Family Get-Together
Afford Groceries
Have mimosas for breakfast.
Fit into My Favorite Jeans
Share with those without
Change the world with everything I’ve got

This is my pathetic list of "problems." Issues to work through on a daily basis. I met with a life coach recently, and she was awesome!, and she asked me some interesting questions. Goals. What would I love to see happen in a year. And based on my responses she said, "You know, some people are content where they're at and they're happy just enjoying it for a while."

Oh my gosh. Where is this post going?? I feel like we're flying blind, dear reader, but at least we're in it together at this point. So, ummm. Messaging. That's it.

I hope when someone looks back at my life so far they find these messages:
.Try your best . Enjoy what you do . Invest in a few good people . Feel everything .Sometimes gripe, sometimes count blessings .Learn as you go . Don't just accept your body, LOVE IT . Experiment with fashion . Be kind and be sarcastic, and if you can do both at once, you're a Jedi Master . Live for something greater than yourself, but don't take things too seriously . Define what "selfish" means to you and if that's a good thing or a bad thing .It doesn't have to be either/or . Life is NOT black and white . Give genuine compliments whenever you can (they are always appreciated) . Write from the gut, the posts / articles / letters you send that make you sweat include a little piece of your soul . Good quotes are a lifeline . Everyone loves to read, some people just haven't found their favorite book yet . Speak out or hold it in, but just be comfortable with what you choose .If you find yourself wishing you didn't care about someone's sly remark or deprecating comment, stop . So you care what people think sometimes? Big deal. It happens . Don't beat yourself up. .

You've been reading my blog for a while now, so what do you think? Am I close?

*The most dangerous sentence in the English language.

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  1. i think your blog is great and i enjoy reading it! i love the 'everyone loves to read, some people just haven't found their favorite book yet'.

  2. This struggle is so real. Thanks for this post. Mine is always; move away for grad school (or ? ), or live here foreverrrrr... And now my family is talking about moving to Phoenix.. so maybe it's moot. ;) -Alexandra

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