things I won't stop doing just because they peeve you

:: cracking my knuckles ::
Why does this feel so good??! I remember someone telling me once in 2nd grade that cracking my knuckles would lead to arthritis and I fully expected to have lost the use of my phalanges at this point in my life, but alas. Here we are, type-type-typing away. It doesn't bother me at all to hear someone else do it. And it feels so good when I do it. If this is wrong, I don't want to be right.

:: awkward, breathy sing-a-longs to my workout playlist ::
I get it, angry middle-aged lady who's barely pedaling on the stationary bike. You're not into my workout playlist and you apparently don't want to hear my breathy, mumbled rendition. Here's the thing. I can't help it. I put songs that get me going on my workout playlist because, obviously. And then, when I hear those songs, I want to go with those songs. Unfortunately for you, this involves a weird rump-shaking-number on the elliptical while I sing along under my breath (or so it seems to me since I have headphones in and couldn't hear a bomb go off behind me). 

:: interrupting ::
This actually really peeves me off too. But I can't seem to help it. Maybe it's because everything I need to say is genuinely that important but most likely it's because people are never NOT busy. As in, I wait and wait and wait and you never stop! So I can sit around, creeping on you as you do whatever you're doing, wasting valuable energy on stalking you until you're through or you can cut me some slack for interrupting, getting it over with, and allowing us all to move on with our lives. Uggh.

:: updating you about my biz ::
"You're ALWAYS pushing your business!" a gal said to me recently, meaning on social media. Well, yeah. It's kind of like posting about your kid, except when I share updates about my business, there's actually a chance I'll turn a better profit and make a better name for myself. You show me a baby post that can do that, and I'll show you the future spokesmodel for Pampers.* 

:: contradicting myself ::
Gahhh, this the most annoying and it's soooo me. Get used to it, I guess. Since learning is cool, and every day we hope to better informed / more emotionally mature than the day before, I guess it kind of, sort of makes a teensy bit of sense to contradict myself on occasion, wouldn't you say? ...I might be reaching here.

:: sobbing during movies/commercials/certain songs ::
Apparently, a stoic expression wins gold here. A trickle or two, and a muffled sob are in the bronze category. And to out-right ugly cry when the guy finally gets the girl who-used-think-she-would-never-be-loved-but-then-begrudgingly-admittedthathewastheoneandnowtheywilllivehappilyeverafterandmakebeautifulbabies is frowned upon. Sue me. I have hormones. They come from my uterus. Learn to embrace the cray. As in, I'll cry if I feel like it. And I pretty much always feel like it.

:: responding to your compliment by
telling you how on sale it was ::
Is this a thing? Apparently, it "bugs" some people to have a compliment responded to with helpful, accurate information. As in, "I love that dress!" Response: "Thanks! I got it half-off at Target!" This is a thing that annoys people?! Heck no. If I compliment you, there's clearly some envy involved so do us both a favor -- stop basking in the glow of your awesomeness for a sec and tell me where you got it. Frankly, I'm annoyed if you don't respond this way. Never gonna stop.

It's Tuesday (July 1st!). Happy Snarkfest.

*All about my business.

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  1. haha i love this! i crack my knuckles and i think the arthritis thing is a myth. i can't believe someone said "You're ALWAYS pushing your business!" on facebook, i hope you defriended! lol. I am an interrupter, especially when talking, oops oh well. I hate when people do it to me. Aaaaand I cry over everything too. No shame. Also, also, also, if you don't tell me where you got your dress after I compliment you, that will be the next thing that comes out of my mouth.

  2. i will cry with you during songs and movies and commercials and i would rather see info about your business than the 1489767896th picture of some person's baby. sorry, not sorry

  3. umm that lady doesn't understand how social media works. Tuesdays are my favorite because of you. And let's cry together while watching romcoms. kthanksbye.

  4. yeah i also crack my knuckles. my neck and ankles too. dont curr who gets mad.