things everyone loves but I don't get

:: grapefruit ::
Don't get me wrong, I love the smell! I had a Pink body spray once that I wanted to bathe in. But the taste? Nah. I like sour in my Sourpatch Kids and grape in my grapes. The juice is so raunchy. I can't even.

:: running :: 
You know what's better than running? EVERYTHING. It hurts. You aren't actually getting anywhere that much faster than walking. It's bad for your back and your knees. People often fall and get bumps and bruises. And I'm pretty sure that "runner's high" thing is a myth. No, thank you.

:: IPAs ::
Why do people do this to themselves? I have no words.

:: Spotify ::
I know it's cool and all, but I just never got into it. Sometimes, I am feeling gangster and sometimes a little bit country and sometimes kind of emo, but never in the mood to have a running stream of my musical selections available to the public. I'm clearly very open, but something about others seeing my playlist gives me the willies. 

:: 50 Shades of Grey ::
EWWWWWW. No. And by "eww" I mean, how did an abusive, controlling relationship that's hyper-sexualized become hot? Not that kinky stuff is abusive, but the way he monitors her behaviors, refuses to respect her wishes, and so on. Come at me, bro. It's gross. 

:: organic ::
I don't desire to die a slow, poisonous death by any means. However, I live in a country that has people who have spent their entire careers, education dollars, and missed holidays monitoring the snot out of pesticides and other food dangers. Call me too trusting, but they're literally the experts -- that, and I just can't pay $3 for a banana.

:: soccer ::
Sorry, USA fans. I know this post comes on the heels of a sad, sad time for our soccer team in the World Cup. But still. I could see how playing soccer would be a great workout, lots of communication, lots of action. But watching it?? Like watching grass grow except for the 45 seconds you went to the bathroom and came back and they had scored a goal. Boo.

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  1. love this post. well, i also love running but everything else i could do without :)

  2. I'm with you for most of this. I use spotify at my office, but it's so huge it tends to slow down computers... and I am just not willing to deal with my laptop having issues. But it's a much better way to hear new stuff and decide if I like it than itunes previewing.. :) I totally agree with the first three, and 50 shades. I dunno, so hyped up... everyone and their mother-in-law is reading it... I believe in organic, but I go pretty slowly with it. It can be expensive for sure. Right now we just do organic milk, eggs, butter and meat if it's available. Many times it isn't so we just go with whatever. Depends on the day. And... I'm still amazed at my ability (as a non-sports person) to watch soccer without blinking. weird. stuff.