life is ludicrous

Like when you "hire" your dog to be your intern for the summer because you're bored, broke, and in need of a laugh. That's my life today.
Like when you tell your boyfriend your plans for said intern and he basically calls it the most embarrassing plan on the planet, and then you cry a lot and drink a beer. Cool beans.
Or last night, when you hit the gym to catch the rerun of the new PLL at 10pm but felt like you HAD to be on the treadmill, and then at 10:40 you were so hungry that you ditched the gym and the show to rid the grocery of beer, pizza, and powdered donuts.
And also like last night when you heard your puppy munching on something and couldn't figure out what was. You did some stealth stalking and ruled out cat food and toilet paper only to discover that she was actually chomping down on used cat litter from the litter box. And then wanted to lick your face.
And like when you talked to your bestie today about setting health goals in July, before coming home and melting a giant bowl of cheese after work, fortunately scrounging up tortilla chips so you didn't eat it with a spoon.
Like, all in 12 hours or less. Did I mention that life is ludicrous? Just checking.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. the tortilla chip is just a vessel for the cheese. just like apples are the vessel to my pb

  2. hahaha omg the melted cheese + chips. i had chocolate for dinner last night, oops. and omg thats why i dont want a dog - i love them obviously but i'm scared it will eat the litter!