It's Thursday and...

I'm leaving for New York City!!! But Sarah, you're a twenty-something who works part time and your boyfriend is a teacher who won't get paid again til August -- how can you afford it?? Well, I'm SO glad you asked. :)

Greyhound Bus tickets for 2 people from Indy to NYC to Chicago and back to Indy = $320. 
Get you some.

We plan to explore and don't want to be limited by our tired feet. Get the card.

If you can pull this one, it's the best money-saving travel tip ever. 
If you don't know anyone, consider a service like Air B and B.

New York City is chalk-full of museums with "suggested" ticket prices. 
You can pay full price and get in super fast, or wait in line and pay what you feel 
is appropriate / what you can afford. Cool, huh? Details here.

Maybe I watch too many movies, but I LOVE the idea of grabbing some 
sub sandwiches at a grocery and spending the afternoon picnicking in Central Park. 
Does it get more authentic than that??

Perhaps the best advice ever since the discovery of the Internet -- Don't reinvent the wheel! 
Some people are obsessed with sniffing out deals and freebies
Thank them for their hard work by enjoying it.

This is the hardest part of me! We saved SO MUCH in travel expenses that I 
want to get these adorable, vintage-y travel trunks with the saved cash. 
That seems legit, right??

Bon voyage! Exepct an Insta-overload in the next week or so. Hey, at least you'll get a break of pictures of Daisy & Ralph while I'm away, right?? :)

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  1. ummm please do the most amazing recap so i can copy everything for when i go in december! we got our flights for $10 because of miles - holla! but its nice to know about the greyhound. how far is that drive though? i caught a greyhound once to nashville from louisville and I think the tickets were like $80 and what is a 3 hour drive took 8 hours. Pure hell. However, to save money, absolutely.