I need help! #scalpproblems

Hey team!
I hope you're doing super well.
I also hope you aren't like me and appear to have caught a major case of fleas / poison ivy of the scalp a.k.a. dandruff. Sad Day.

Basically, I think all of the sensitive skin stuff is hooey. That's just how I was raised. If it causes a rash or your skin to bleed, too bad. Suck it up, sparky. Right? Isn't that normal??

Well, I'm breaking down. I've got long, luscious locks. I love my long, messy hair. However, any attempt to tame the beast (hairspray, gel, oil, leave-in conditioner) leaves me with the itchiest scalp ever. HELP.

To leave the tresses untreated is simply impossible, but I'm pretty sure my coworkers are starting to wonder if I live in a pig-pen with all of that scratch-scratch-scratching. Pile on the fact that it's summer and my scalp is always sweating these days under all that hair ... well, you can imagine.

Sorry, I suppose I should have warned you this post was getting personal and a little graphic. But it's just about hair! So... I don't know. Clearly the itching is driving me mad.

Do you use any products that have proven to end your itching?? HELP ME.

I'll love you forever.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. I have a recipe for a DIY scalp scrub, it exfoliates all of the dead skin (itchy) out. It might help? Let me know I can email it to you when I get home... :) I have the opposite problem these days. Trying to find an eco shampoo / conditioner that doesn't coat every. single. strand. in oilyness... :( Which when I get warm (summer, duh, all the time) makes it worse, pretty soon my hair is a grease / oil ball. It's so gross for me because I am typically one with dry hair and a dry scalp. Any ideas about that?! ugh. -Alexandra

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    1. Bring it on, Alexandra! You're my only hope!! Also, that's an interesting thought. Have you tried dry shampoo? It wouldn't actually fix the problem, but you might be able to pair it with something you're already using to get the less-oily look you want. That's my best thought. You'd think I'd have more advice with all this hair!!

  2. MY SCALP IS KILLING ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! If you figure it out, please let me know.

  3. do you use apple cider vinegar at all? also i use LUSH dry shampoo which is all natural so maybe that would help ?

    1. I haven't used apple cider vinegar! I've been trying to wash my hair only twice a week since I've heard for ages that's supposed to help it be healthier, but that means I'm going 3 days with product piling up on my scalp. I have some Suave dry shampoo, but I just use it to get rid of the oily look. Maybe I'll using it in more of a shampoo-like fashion and report back!