grammar things that actually *are* quite annoying

:: could of ::
FOR REAL? We're all clear that this expression, written, is actually "could've," right? Because could. of. just don't make no sense. When I see people write this, it's not a mistake or a slip-the-mind grammar issue like using the wrong "their." It's just dumbness. No.

:: defiantly ::
Apologies, but your point is wayyyyy less made when you are telling me that the US defiantly needs to do one thing or another. Because we already did things defiantly. It caused a revolution. And last week, we celebrated that defiance with fireworks and booze. And you should definitely join in the fun. But if you're defiantly celebrating, the cops arrest you and take you away. Make no mistake.

:: than ::
Why is this hard?? Rather, why is this difficult? Because rocks are hard, not problems (a little tid bit of wisdom from an old English teacher of mine, but I digress). There's actually a thing called an "If, Then" statement. So, then, use it properly! When, in your life, do you ever, ever, ever, ever say the word "than," I ask you? Because the answer is "Once every 3 years, when I tell someone that I am a bit taller than she is." Get it right, ya crazies.

:: I could care less ::
Oh really? You know you just said that, of all the amount you care, there is in fact a lesser amount, right? Because I don't think you meant to say that you do actually care somewhat, but then I'm just spit-balling here.

:: ty :: 
Is this a grammar issue? A culture issue? Who knows?? But people who type in text speak make me want to hurl rocks at things. You're on your phone using shorthand. K. Got it. BUT NOW YOU HAVE A GLORIOUS KEYBOARD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS DESIGNED FOR STREAMLINED TYPING PURPOSES. Spell out the words, you lazy so-and-so.

:: apostrophes ::
I think we all missed this day in school. When they equal possession. When they equal a contraction. When they should be left alone. Sure, they are annoying as all get out, but that doesn't mean there are not rules about how they should and should not be used.*

It's Tuesday. Happy Snarkfest.

*No apostrophes were harmed in the typing of this paragraph.

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