Fourth Things

This year's Fourth celebration was a little weird because it was just us. No bbq's, no family lake day, no nothing. Just James, Daisy, and me exploring Carmelfest with about 5,000 other people. Here are a few of my favorite snapshots from the weekend. :)

Top Right: Daisy FINALLY stops trying to sniff every living thing at the parade to chill under a shade tree. Top Middle: We took advantage of that small bought of chillness to take a family photo. Top Left: Yeah, she's the cutest. It's okay to dawww over that sweet mug. Bottom Right: Daisy found another shade tree, this time big enough for all of us. So.... SELFIES! Bottom Middle: Classic Water Tower Meets Industrial Complex pose. Bottom Left: Time for fireworks!! New Walmart headband that made me way too happy. :)

Also, when you take really cute pics on your phone, there are always a million that didn't make the cut, right? We took so many pics that Google made us GIFs of every photo you see here, and trust me, these aren't the shooting sprees of the day! Now, see us in action! GO!

Hope you had a GREAT Independence Day! If you're a history nerd like me, here's some cool info about the Fourth. :)

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  1. aww what a cute fun post! i love making gifs out of photos haha. the last one is so cute!

  2. I love the gifs! Hahah.. and your dress!! And the dog.. I love the dog a lot!

  3. So great, love the GIF of Daisy moving around on the sidewalk. :) -Alexandra

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