101 in 1,001

In this list you'll find a little bit of everything, some of which simply will not happen. Things that WILL happen or else include #49, #65, and #9. Don't mess with a woman on a mission, k? Let's get started, shall we? Thanks for the inspiration, MacKenzie! Start date: July 9, 2014 End date: April 5, 2017

At Home

1. Find a home for all of our stuff. Add storage shelves when necessary.
2. Take Daisy to Puppy Classes (come/sit/stay, leash training) (August 2014)
3. Meet & mingle with our neighbors.
4. Regularly host friends and neighbors (i.e. weekly cookout).
5. Get regular oil changes & checkups.
6. Invest in a bed skirt.
7. Find a filing & record keeping app.
8. Invest in a t-shirt bra.
9. King-sized bed.
10. Move / extended stay in a new city. 

Family & Friends

11. Set calendar reminders to send birthday cards.
12. Skype with far away folks.
13. Spend a weekend at home.
14. Make a list of people to hand-make gifts for, then make them gifts.
15. Throw a wicked Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.
16. Watch Emma pitch.
17. Plan a (road) trip with friends.
18. Make a list of people to visit, then visit them.
19. Take my sister on a Sisters Only Trip.
20. Help Nana clean out the garage. 

Personal Goals

21. Set a morning routine (newspaper, blog, emails, coffee, walk Daisy).
22. Closet purge (2x / year).
23. Attend church regularly (monthly).
24. Read 12 books.
25. Find a hair product that makes all of my hair dreams come true.
26. Volunteer once a month.
27. Research and make an educated vote. First time voting!!
28. Learn a new skill.
29. Organize a blog swap.
30. Be my own boss. 


31. Try a new local brew(ery) each month.
32. Find a free place/event to explore.
33. Get a library card in my new town.  (July 2014)
34. Find live music & enjoy it.
35. Enter contests for local tickets.
36. Shop at local thrift shops instead of Goodwill.
37. Visit all museums & historic sites in Marion County.
38. See the dunes.
39. Attend an outdoor play.
40. Be published in a local publication. 


42. Day date in Chicago.
43. Explore Louisville.
44. Visit my brother in Virginia Beach. (August 2014)
45. Return to New Orleans & explore.
46. Take a cruise.
47. Camping road trip.
49. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
50. EUROPE! 

Health & Wellness

51. Take an exercise class.
52. Join a team or weekly class.
53. Get a professional massage.
54. Work with a personal trainer. (August 2014 - Present)
55. Attend a nutrition workshop.
56. Research and make the switch to healthiest versions (chocolate, wine, bread, etc.)
57. Eat all of the correct servings every day for a week.
58. Invest in a cute, fun workout wardrobe.
59. Have my stride and arch measured.
60. Do Yoga in the Park. 

Career Plans

61. Stick to monthly goals set for WDBS.
62. Get professional financial advice.
63. Use up all current post cards in mailings, handouts, and networking events.
64. Add expenses to budget that have ROI.
65. Training / cert in web design or business management.
66. Create a marketing calendar / business plan.
67. Apply for / Receive an entrepreneurial award.
68. Earn my living with WDBS. No other jobs.
69. Take an Adobe Creative Suite class.
70. Rent business office space! 

Always wanted to

71. Stop at a local coffee shop before work regularly (>4x).
72. Subscribe to the newspaper.
73. Volunteer at an animal shelter. 
74. Attend CMA Fest in Nashville.
75. Have groceries delivered. (August 2014)
76. Make a stranger’s day.
77. Take guitar lessons.
78. Get front row, backstage passes.
79. Fill a handwritten journal.
80. Have a book signed by the author. 

$ Budget & Money $

81. Put 1/10 of our income in emergency savings ($550 / month).
82. Donate to a cause each month.
83. Set all of our bills to autopay.
84. Join a travel rewards credit card / loyalty program.
85. Join loyalty programs at all of our favorite shops/eateries.
6. Start paying on student loans.
87. Pay off my car.
88. Invest a small amount in stock or a company.
89. Order groceries and products online regularly (bargain shopping).
90. Pay off all debts. 

No Regrets

91. Grab dinner at a super fancy restaurant.
92. Fly first class.
93. Splurge on a Banana Republic shopping spree for James. (August 2014)
94. Hop a cheap, last minute flight to somewhere. 
95. Try Laser Hair Removal.
96. Try Invisalign.
97. Wine or Beer of the Month Club.
98. Set aside a length of time to only say “Yes.”
99. Rent a really nice car for a weekend.
100. Hire a housekeeper.
101. Plan the smashingest 30th birthday bash for May 2017. 

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  1. such a great list! I have a 30 before 30 list, I'm not sure I could come up with 101 things but i love your list! explore louisville?! come visit me :) lol.

  2. Such a great idea! I've been doing yearly and seasonal bucket lists for a while.... and I've been working on a list of 100 for 10 years.. but I keep changing it... I started in 2011 hahaa. This sounds fun though! Maybe I'll have to do one too! #9, 11, 36, 39, all travel, #60... a lot of them! :) Good luck! -Alexandra

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