what I learned this weekend

--You can try, but peeling skin doesn't tan very well.

--Coke in a glass bottle is actually made with different sugar than fountain or canned stuff. So, for real, it does taste better out of a bottle.

--Men catfishing on a tiny floating dock at night who invite you to join are (a) cray or (b) pretty sure you aren't actually interested but felt the need to be polite.

--Even city dogs get fleas. :(

--Saturday afternoon naps can wreak havoc and cause jet lag. But it's okay. Because you get to sleep even more on Sunday to right yourself. win win.

--Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. ...and the apartment cleaner. weird.

--Using over 90% of your data with 2 days left on your billing cycle lets you know just how much of a rebel you can be. #StreamingYouTube #InstaUploads #AllDayErrDay

--2 day weekends that follow 3 day weekends are kind of, like, the worst.

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  1. boo 2 day weekends always suck haha.

  2. i got an alert the other day saying i was already at 75% and still had a few days until my new billing cycle. so afraid.

  3. Um yes. coke in a glass bottle all the way. :) Do people call it Mexi coke there? We do here, but I guess only when we actually buy the Mexican ones... also a different kind of sugar. Two day weekends after three day weekends really are the worst. -Alexandra

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