tuesdays are about to get snarky

So, as you may know, I have this business.
And with this business, I have tried to keep a separate, business-y blog.
It's been disastrous.
So... maybe I'll merge it all into one? Maybe not?? Who the heck knows.
But what I DO know is this.
Starting next week, every Tuesday is #RealTalkTuesday.
I'll be sharing snarky real observations about web design on my biz Facebook and Twitter pages, and maybe even getting real on dis blog here.

I'm generally a positive person. I've been paying a therapist to help me see that through, but sometimes, I just get frustrated or weirded out or just plain ticked off and feel the need to get real.

So, hope I don't offend! ....and I won't. Because I'm a good-natured midwestern girl who enjoys getting likes on her post and only swears when she's been drinking. This is my life. But I get points for trying to act hard, right? ...ish?

Sorry for the blog hiatus because you care because you noticed, but I've been trying to make pinterest-y looking Farmers Market signs and clever web design slogans and try to get the eff in touch with Facebook so I can add a location to a client's page. (WHY IS THAT SO HARD??)

Do you know what would make me so happy right now?
For some blogger friend (or foe?) to enter my July design giveaway. It's a no risk guarantee. Either you'll love my work and have it for free, or you'll hate it and be out no $$ and get to blast me on the internet as an incompetent so-and-so. ...which you'd never do because we're blog friends. ...right?

Hey. Go enter, plz. http://www.webdesignbysarah.com/p/contest.html

Also, how cute is my biz color combo?

I'm going to go grab another beer and try to stream PLL illegally online.

Peace, homies.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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