If your brain is bored, try these.

Helloooo, Summer!
Not since those young, innocent years of public school have I had this much free time in the summertime. It's almost like a real summer break! Wahoo! Which, obviously, means I've got time to kill and these were my favorite time killers this week.

Bomb Girls
If you have any interest in (1) history, (2) vintage fashion, (3) women's rights, or (4) salacious gossip and back-biting frenemies, then you were made for this show. Just take note up front that these gals are actually in Canada, which it took me way too long to figure out. ...even when they sang their national anthem and it was something about God saving the Queen.... In any case, OBSESSED. So good!!

kira-kira by cynthia kadohata
I've long had a thing for YAF (Young Adult Fiction, for the non-library savvy). I love that the stories are deep, the adventures are fast-paced, and the sex and swearing are kept to a minimum. Why does this appeal to me? Probably because I was a Puritan in a past life... but I digress. I read half of this book in one night, and plan to read the other half in the same amount of time. I love a simple story that is really anything but simple. Definitely anticipating a cry before this one is over.

Ingrid Michaelson's Lights Out Album
So I love me some Ingrid, but this new album is taking a long while to grow on me. Something is different about it, or maybe it's the first time I've tried to listen to her tunes without a broken heart.. I don't know. We'll call it a toss up. In any case, it's definitely growing on me this week! She makes excellent, mellow, non-distracting work-along music.

Popular Science
In February, a toothless 8-year-old sent me a salespitch I couldn't refuse involving Super Star sellers and winning free t-shirts if she sold enough subscriptions, and needless to say, I am now a proud subscriber to Popular Science mag. To be honest, lots of it is a little over my head. However, thumbing through this magazine seems to make my brain cells feel more accomplished and I'm suddenly more articulate, if not better informed. Also, some of the articles are simply terrifying. #TheFutureIsGrim In any case, NOT BORING.

What's been entertaining you lately?

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  1. I love getting recommendations for new entertainment, especially books! I'll have to check that one out. I guess you could say I'm a Puritan - I don't curse, and I just don't care to read intimate details about other peoples' sex lives (or see it on TV). I don't know if that's weird, but then again, I don't really care ;) I was just telling my friend tonight that I liked Ingrid's first album best. I'll have to give this one a listen just to see how it is.