when you turn your back on what's comfortable, that's day 1

Monday, I decided to get my life right. Who knows where that motivation comes from? This is a phenomenon, right, and it's not just me? Out of nowhere, there's this vision coursing through your veins of what needs to happen next. Your career. Your travels. Your life. Without warning, you find yourself on fire with this plan. You are setting calendar reminders and downloading new apps. Your fitness. Your second language. Your budget. Suddenly, you can't remember why you were waiting so long to start this new journey. Won't it be incredible? Won't you be so proud and excited to make progress? Your living anthology. Your counted minutes. Somehow, this gusto appears. For me, this was Monday. With my business. My health. My "parenting." So many goals became clear. Suddenly, a map drew itself in my head and I knew where I was going. So, I googled summer concerts and movies in our area. I found new recipes (tried two last night!). I stopped drinking beer (again) for a while. These moments of verve always fade, but I cherish them. So what if I ended up in tears after trying that new recipe for dinner because I didn't feel it was properly complimented? So what if my big intentions of an hour workout turned into 15 minutes? If concert tickets are expensive and a bit of a stretch? So what? It's still there. That something. And it's getting a big assist from this vid above. My new alarm clock. Seriously. Why did I wait until I was twenty-seven years old to start my day from the get-go with a pep talk?? Live and learn, I guess. 

What's inspiring you this Wednesday?

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