what I learned this weekend...

This weekend was the epic-est. And I learned A TON.
I learned that…

#1. Nashville, TN is legitimately the greatest city on earth.

#2. 5 grown women actually fit rather comfortably in a Mazda 3.

#3. Never pay full price for late pizza.

#4. A “full” size bed is very, very full when three people are sharing it.

#5. French fries served in the back of a Tonka Truck are decidedly more tasty than those that are not.

#6. When mimosas are BOGO, brunch is even awesomer.

#7. When Fireball shots are BOGO, your breath will feel very fresh, very often. ...and things get a little blurry.

#8. Seeing a man pee in a trashcan can be either a great sign or a terrible one. You can choose “great.”

#9. Boys that play guitar just get bonus points in life.

#10. Being stuck in traffic sucks.

#11. Being stuck in traffic for FIVE HOURS makes you go crazy. Like, blow spit wads at the jerks who are zooming illegally up the shoulder because they are apparently above waiting like the rest of us crazy. Mooning those turds might also be an option on the delusional scale…

#12. It’s perfectly acceptable to swap puppy pics with random strangers.

#13. Sometimes, it’s okay to be completely ridiculous and purchase 10 cases of out-of-state beer at the gas station and then pack your trunk full of it…

#14. My friends are prettier than your friends.

#15. People who feel “almost thirty” at 27 apparently have never been to Nashvegas with my girlfriends. #WeWereFeeling22

All in all, as Borat would say, the weekend was "Great success!"

I'm so lucky to have these wonderful friends in my life!! ♥

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What did you learn this weekend?

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  1. tell me your favorite places in Nashville that you went, because I am hoping to go this summer!

    1. I loved Tootsies, and ReBar (near Vanderbilt) and we went to the West End cafe for brunch. (YUM!) Basically, anything on Broadway is my favorite. <3

  2. Super duper jealous of this epic weekend. Methinks I'd get along just fine with your pretty lady frands.

    1. Uh-greed. Next time, you're coming!!

  3. Nashvegas! Love it! I have been wanting to do a Memphis / Nashville / Louisville ... etc. road trip! I will have to get your specifics from the trip so I can add some into my future one! This looks like SO much fun! Glad for you and your girls! XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. It's such a great stretch of the Midwest! I'm thinking the Bourbon Trail might be in my future!! :)

  4. i love this so much! yay nashville! yay feeling 22.. unfortunately the hangover is still 27? haha. yes to out of state beer, of course! bogo mimosas are amazing. i have never been anywhere that has BOGO mimosas, clearly i suck at life. you do have pretty friends my dear!