the scotty's problem

A couple of weeks ago, we moved from our old place to our new one. It's awesome. We're paying way less, we're in a much better location, and we still get a pool, a workout room, and now, a dog park. So, kudos to us. This was a good decision.

On the possible flip side of this, we now live within walking distance of Scotty's. Do they have Scotty's near you? Well, it's like crack in the guise of a burger and beer joint. As in, addicting. As in, can't stop - won't stop. As in, IT'S CRAFT BEER WEEK.

But I digress.

Before I share a predicament that has recently arisen, a map.

thank you, tiger mom, for posting your kid's mediocre map on the internet so I could use it
As you can see in the diagram, we're are now a stone's throw away from (1) fountains and (2) beer.

James, that dashing fellow, is convinced that we should take Scotty's up on their current deal. Spend $500 in the month of May and get $720 back. As in, $60 a month for a year to spend on burgers and beer. He's mentioned it 1536870384.3 times, and I have to tell you, after the $3 pints and loaded fries we enjoyed last night, I'm coming around.

But $500 up front??! That's a lot of dough, right?

The Pint Room gets an "X" for being way too X-pensive. No good. Well, I mean they have like 200 beers on tap, so of course everything is delicious and wonderful and lots of local... but still. NO. So Scotty's it is, which leads us back to the question at hand.

What do we do? Take the hit, and then love ourselves for getting to go to Scotty's guilt free for a whole year? Or make responsible, adult decisions that keep us on the right track financially??


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  1. bahaha definitely invest in beer. I love this. I'm visiting ASAP.

  2. always pick beer. also are there scotty's all over indiana? is this a thing? i am gchatting brad right now to find out.