mother's day

This weekend is full of shared memories and old photos and lots of gratitude shown for the women who raised us. Some of us have really, really great moms and some of us... well, don't. That is, if your "mom" is the person who birthed you.

If your "mom" is the person who dressed you in ridiculously-shoulder-padded flowered frocks for elementary music concerts, and made the long drive down to see you receive your BS in History and always has hot food on the stove for you when you go home to visit, then I'd have to say I've got a pretty incredible one.
Families are hard, you know? We all have our struggles and our own "childhood issues" that we're working through as adults, and this particular holiday causes me an ish-ton of anxiety because of what it's supposed to mean. That the woman who birthed me is owed all of my gratitude for giving me life and that I wouldn't be the person I am without her and that she will always be a part of my story. All of these things are true, but not in ways that particuarly make me want to celebrate.

My Nana, on the other hand, is that number one fan. That source of unconditional love. That crazy, kooky joke told at a job interview that makes your face turn a noticeable shade of red. She's my Easter bunny, the collector of all my school pictures, lost teeth, and embarrassing home videos.

I don't really care what we call this Sunday, but I'm glad to have a reminder to celebrate the one woman who's worthy of it.

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  1. This is really sweet. I always give credit to my grandmothers too, though my situation is not the same. Grandmothers are always some of the most important people in our worlds regardless of the roles they take on. Love to both of you! XO-Alexandra

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  2. Aww I'm so glad you have her in your life. She seems like an incredible woman and she must be if she raised you. :)