35 Things That Every Girl Needs To Realize About Her Body Image

15. You and your friends are going to work out together and eat the same foods and still have different bodies. That’s how it works.

29. We all have taken bad pictures.

30. We all feel bloated and yucky on some days.

It's Tuesday, and I'm feeling like selflove can't start soon enough! So maybe we consumed a ton of food this weekend. We didn't get all of our workouts in. We drank our calories. We didn't hydrate well. We feel puffy and bloated today. SO WHAT?? Did you have fun? Did you make memories? Then, if you ask me, that's what you're going to remember, and that's worth it. You'll never remember, care, or give a passing thought to how your pants fit this morning but you'll never forget your first Indy 500 or toasting those smores or your little cousin bringing you a chocolate bar and asking, so sweetly, "Will you hold me?" Read this article and love yourself for how you spent your weekend, k?

Great talk.

Later, babes.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. thanks for sharing the article, definitely something i needed to see today! i definitely gained this weekend but gave no shits, i had a ridiculous amount of fun. so there's that! lol.

  2. I needed this. I woke up feeling less than loving toward this bod of mine. I'm glad you had such a fabulous weekend.

  3. thanks for this reminder lady, I need it after my weekend! like really need it :)