it's like they know me...

I signed up for this yesterday with Self.
I tried the 16 Calorie-Burning Plyometric Moves this morning.
I made it though about 5 of them, and for nowhere near 1 minute each.
But it's a start.
If I do these workouts for 2 weeks, I'll look like these gals, correct?
Happy Oh-$**+-Here-Comes-Summer to you too!

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  1. totally how it works. I would know I am a personal trainer now ;)

    1. I totally forgot this! Is there a way to make this work, cyberly? I'll trade you web things for exercise things?Deal? #INeedAllTheHelpICanGet

  2. Half of the time I don't even know what else to type in here besides bhahahahahahah because that is literally what I am doing when I read this stuff. I'm sure this training gives participants that thigh gap too! ;) Sounds overall like a pretty apt. workout for me too. Procrastinator for sure! XO -Alexandra

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