I bet you didn't know...

...that sometimes, I feel like such a joiner. But I don't care.

...that if MacKensie G. and Babbling B. are into it, who am I to have beef with it?
(unless they are "into" to tacos. then, I'm TOTALLY having "beef" with it. he)

...that I wish J.Law would just be my bff already.

...that I've often been known to start a fresh pot of coffee at 4pm.

...that I really, REALLY hate to breathe really hard. It hurts. No bueno for that whole "cardio" thing...

...that I've had lunchables for the last week at lunch time because a childhood fantasy has finally come true they were on sale for $1 at Target.

...that I am way jealous of people who are COOL on their social media. Like, always witty. B.A. images. Just all-around entertaining and awesome. Uggh.

...that I kind of feel like Summer Break should be a thing until retirement. Just sayin'...

...that I'm developing varicose veins and it's seriously freaking me out. Go away, old age. No one wants you here.

...that I regularly forget to think before I speak. And then say insanely offensive things that surprise you and me both. Oops.

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  1. Hey I don't have a filter either! I end up embarrassing myself a lot. I love this list!

  2. Totally agree about summer break until retirement. Yes, please! Definitely miss those....

  3. but for reals. summer break needs to happen!!!!! or we need to retire already one of the two. also do you not like tacos?!

  4. My filter is also deteriorating. loooove this Kristen Wiig character. :) XO-Alexandra

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