girl, interrupted

The last week or so has been a bit of a struggle in the ol' noggin. As in, I've been crazy anxious and, as a result, super cranky. Maybe it's because my credit card is $250 past it's limit or that tomorrow is the last day of school and my sister doesn't have a job lined up for the summer or that James is really, REALLY needing to buy a new car in the next few months, or that I was super unhappy with the photos of myself from Memorial Day, or that I'm now handling responsibilities at work that previous belonged to someone else but she got a new job. Who knows? Clearly, anxiety is a mystery. *cough* sarcasm *cough*

Anyway, anxiety is normal. Reacting by turning into a huge bish....? Well, that's not okay.

Don't believe me? A few examples:

James: Sarah! Let's go test drive this car! [generally, a super fun activity, wouldn't you say?]
Me: Ugggh. Noooo. Whyyyy?? Uggggh. grump.grump.grump
[an hour later]
James: So what did you think?
Me: I'm not sure if I didn't actually like it, or if I'm still holding a grudge against you because you made me go, so I won't say just yet. ...but I didn't like it.
James: Sarah! Let's go to Target! [the dreamiest thing a man can say to a woman, right?]
Me: But it's SUCH a nice night. We'd be wasting it. Let's go outsiiiiide.
[10 minutes later]
James: So, are we going outside?
Me: Ugggggh. But now you made me want to go to Targettttttt. 

James: Sarah! These shrimp and peach kabobs you made remind me of my favorite meal. Maybe we can incorporate them together, since you like this and I love that. [whilst cleaning up his second large serving of the meal]
Me: Why can't you just tell me it's good? Why can't you just compliment my effort? Why do you have to compare it? Whyyyyyy? *flood of tears*

Are you annoyed yet? ME TOO.

Uggggh. Whyyyyyyy am I such a brat right now?
[no babies. no babies. no babies.]

My therapist will now laugh at me when I talk about weaning off of treatment because I'm "using skills I've learned" to "handle" situations. Ha!

C'est la vie.

Also, pray for James. Or better yet, if you see him out, hand him a Long Island. He's earned it.

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  1. I feel you, girl. Except since I don't have a man to take it out on, I send you guys emo Snapchats and engage in self destructive behaviors. OOoooh, anxiety.

  2. haha this sounds kinda like me, especially the last one! lol.
    now i want a long island. mmmm.

  3. I had to tell myself last Thursday that I need to find a way to get out of the bad mood I've been in for two weeks now. If I don't pull myself out of it I will be in a bad mood until August.

  4. Really though, you have a point. Why can't you just get the compliment !?

  5. Ugh whoops.. Messed that last one up.

    after looking at these comments... was it universal 'have a meltdown week'? I am so there too. After a weekend of pulling off an awesome shower for my baby sis this weekend... I was kinda done. So this week we just hung out and cleaned up some stuff that I really needed cleaned up for my sanity.. you know when the bedroom becomes a black hole of crazy? Anyhow, I finally decide that I want to go to Forever 21 for a break.... and I've only got 20 minutes to shop. They close the dressing room and pretty soon we are in the car on the way home and I am bawling my eye out because not only that, but I don't know what I am doing with my life, we can't take a trip till fall, everyone is moving and no one will be here for my bday. Hot. Mess. And all because of the dressing rooms closing at F21. Ugh, This is my life too friend. : / At least Kyle got a guys night this week.... he certainly deserved it as well. -Alexandra
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