Friday Things

Hey hey hey! It's Friday!
And what a Friday it is!

In 7 short days from this Friday, I'll be cozily tucked away with my favorite gals in Nashville, Tennessee to ring in my 27th birthday! Woot!

And this Friday is also the day after our big, huge fundraising event of the year at work. And maybe I chatted it up with local celebs and got the Governor of Indiana his nametag and other super duper cool stuff at our event last night! And then, when it was over, they fed us pizza and lots of beer, and now it's Friday and I'm so happy to be (1) at home and (2) in post-event mode. It was incredible! But, like all events, it's always nice when it's over. :)

Also on this Friday, I finally watched the "Look Up" viral vid and I'm as impressed as all the others! I'm not nearly as worried about my own ability to have friends and be social as I am about all the references made to kiddos growing up in front of a screen instead of soaring high in a swing! I'm going to have the weirdest kids on the block because if they're not dirty / sweaty / grass stained / out of breath when they come inside for dinner, they're doing it wrong. And I really, REALLY hope I don't get to that place where I'm at dinner in a restaurant and my kid is being a huge brat so I reward him by handing him a screen full of cartoons. HELLS NO. A swat on the bottom cured me, and I'm hoping that sticks into my own adventures in parenting. A long, longgggg time from now, of course. ;)

But mostly, this is #backthatazzup Friday and I just canNOT get enough of KP's latest dance hit. I'm just so into it. And the video? #love

Happy Friday, friends!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. yes. yes. yes. love katy perry. love the look up video.

  2. Woot woot! Have a fabulous time celebrating your birthday in Nashville! There is always something to do here and I'm sure you'll have a blast!