a list of things that'll exercise your clicker finger

Today, I'm feeling a post that combines two of my favorite things.
1. lists
2. links

So, here you go.

Yesterday, I asked about tips for getting a better start in the morning. Today, Levo League posts this on Facebook.

Also, Potterheads unite! We're going to Gringotts. The real one.

A bit of industry sleaze. ← Ha! This makes me laugh. Because I work in the nonprofit sector. And the article is about Board Members. #NotSleazyAtAll

This entire site. Every page of it. Just getting ideas for tomorrow! Eep!!

Watched this yesterday and can't get enough! Preach it, Sister.

Loving everything that SELF has going on right now, including these elliptical workouts.

Can't count the times I've watched this, but it's inspiring every.single.time.

These 15 words to use more often.

Oh, and if we're gchat friends, you'll see this link in my profile. Because it's my favorite. 

Happy Thursday!
Hope these help you cope with Friday Eve!

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  1. links are my favorite! Off to watch these videos instead of work!

  2. The Harry Potter link/video got me giddy!! Eeek!