VIDEO OF ME PUTTING ON MAKEUP (all caps necessary)

Like, a month and a half ago, MacKensie G made a video about how she puts on makeup and I was super impressed. ...and inspired.
Because she used lots of stuff that I don't even know what it is. #GirlProbz
Seeing as I spend about 5.2 minutes each morning getting ready, I thought it only appropriate to document the blessed occasion. #YesIAmAMillendialWhyDoYouAsk?
And now, you have video evidence of that splendid tradition.
If you're wondering why I'm rawther blas√© about makeup brands and tools, it's because they're all the cheapest one you can find at your local department store. So the brands really don't matter too awful much... But enough of that. Play on!

ps. I obviously use the word "tutorial" verrrrry loosely. No judging.

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  1. my hair is never that cute after i take it out of a braid. i need to work on this.... also your makeup routine and my makeup routine look a lot alike.

  2. This is both hilarious and awesome. My makeup routine is relatively simple as well. Seriously I'm a 5 minutes kinda gal too. Lucky girl that your hair braids so easily and comes out of it awesome. I tried to leave my hair in a braid this morning it was a disaster. #curlyhairprobs -XO -Alexandra

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  3. hehe you're adorable. Thanks for the shout out, lady. :)