milk matters

My, oh my, is my life exciting or what?
Last week, being the week before Spring Break, a certain science teacher I know had his students bring in ice-cream-making supplies. Read: Milk. He had them bring in gallons and gallons of milk. The aftermath?

This is the top shelf of our refrigerator. A bit of a good news / bad news situation. You see, in order to make homemade ice cream, you really need at least 2% to start with. So all these bad boys are low fat. Which is great because fatty milk makes me want to vom!! But also not so great, because no one else around here will consume the skinny dairy.

I've got milk coming out of my ears! And we won't even talk about the White Russians... 

Stay tuned for other rawther important life updates.

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  1. gosh now i want a white russian

  2. i would use it for diy stuff! ;)

  3. One of the girls at work just sent me a Greek yogurt recipe! :)