getting crafty

Last weekend, Hannah and I had the place to ourselves as James was out of town. So, we did what any midwestern white girls would do -- we grabbed Starbucks, started a Desperate Housewives marathon, and stocked up on Goodwill supplies for Pinterest projects.

I found a tutorial using old sweaters as pillow covers. It involved a sewing machine and hemming and .... stuff. Technical, skills-related stuff. And time. And lots and lots of effort. And, well, when it comes to crafts and cooking and life, I want a great result with the least amount of time and effort. #lazy 

As we were searching Goodwill for sweaters, Hannah pointed out that the color of the week (red) was 99c that day! Holla! So we found sweaters. We already had hot glue and couch pillows on hand. A few burnt finger tips and modeling cut up sweater fashions later, voila.

No, the sweater didn't have weird neck stains from a previous wearer. It just looks that way because our vase of flowers was casting a shadow and it would have been too much effort to move it.

The pillow with buttons and pockets is legit my favorite. Hannah suggested keeping it on the couch and putting our remotes in it. She's a clever little duck sometimes. ;)

Sure, we can't wash them or rough them up too terribly much, but they suit our needs just perfectly. Total time: One hour-ish.

Now to find a recipe and a life strategy along those lines.... Hot glue is edible, right?

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  1. The first paragraph of this is golden. My life... to a tee. Midwestern white girls unite & craft (caffeinated). ;) XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. hahahaha. So true!! We like what we like... c'est la vie. :)