daisy daze

Oh, Daisy. Thou hast changed our lives forever. Only after getting a puppy did I learn
1. if there must be pee or poop in the floor, I'd much prefer cleaning up a #2 than a #1
2. gagging and vomit are only a problem if they keep happening #natural
3.  nothing is sacred, that is, none of my things are sacred whilst the pup is teething
4.  I'm actually not that grossed out by another's tongue dipping into my drink and/or cereal
5. no gas can compete with puppy gas. NONE.
 Can you tell by my recent posts that we're kind of, sort of, more than a little bit obsessed with this goofy, awkward, occasionally snuggly little creature? ♥

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. um the video snap of the poop this morning. holy so much!

  2. haha so sweet! she is such a cutie! :) Our kitten makes me feel similar ways. XO-Alexandra

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  3. Oh yeah, NOLA posts are finally finished... thank you again for the recommendations! :) -Alexandra