Cheers to 16! not quite knowing what do with those eyebrows yet. navigating your way through pimply, clammy-palmed dating sagas. getting your first job. getting your first paycheck. getting used to your height because you're pretty much done growing at this point (ladies). feeling high school will never end, college is light-years away, and never examining for grey hairs. your first big move - a new place, a new school, a new city. officially getting burned real bad. finding out what true friends are made of. getting to let a curse word slip without getting your mouth washed out with soap. finally finding hair product that makes your hair do that thing on purpose. actually becoming friends with adults around you, and grasping more of their "grown-up" conversations. falling in love for the first time. getting your heartbroken for the first time. realizing you lived through it and you're WAY better off without that dude (rinse. repeat. til you're 30.). seeing new technologies in the hands of little kids and remembering "the good ol' days" of your own childhood. not yet knowing how lucky you are to be munching on that large fry and chocolate shake without counting calories or calculating how much time you'll have to spend at the gym to work it off. years ahead full of fun parties and cute boys and bonfires and spring breaks and road trips and girl friends and selfies and moving away from home and getting to know yourself. sixteen.

How sweet it is. :)

My very own little sister is 16 today. Cheers to that!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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    1. Thank you! I think we can safely say she had a rawther wonderful birthday!!

  2. tell that sister of yours to rock the solid eyebrow if she has them !!!

    1. Fur real. She hacks the crap out of them!