Just thoughts I'm having tonight. I started to type them here, and then thought, "Hey. They're not the most chipper words, why not make them pretty at least?" So, there you go. After this morning's post, I'm a bit ashamed to say I got so caught up in life and took it all just a little too seriously today after all. But I also learned that an anxiety attack can be quelled by a good strength training workout and a blog post. A balance, then, of living and learning? I guess old people know what they're talking about after all...

Sweet dreams.

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  1. That is truth. Just sub cat for dog and you've pretty much got my life too. Alas... just keep swimming. :) -Alexandra

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  2. Yes. It frustrates me too. Beautiful words, friend. I'm sorry you're struggling. Know you're not alone. Sending you love and hugs.