Heyyyyyy Spring

Regardless of the thermometer readings these days, it is officially Spring. Let the wild Spring-y rumpous start!
While I've missed blogging so hard, I have been pinning like it's my job in the last few weeks. Just something about finally seeing sunshine that puts you in the mood to craft, isn't there?

Currently on my radar:

Crocheted Doily Rugs
this pin
I can SO make this. And it surely wouldn't take that long. If I put these for sale on Etsy, you'd want to buy one, right??!

Better-Than-Fries Potato Wedges
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But seriously, though. What is it about warm weather that makes me crave fried potato chunks? Tried these last week, but didn't have the oven hot enough as we were baking a pizza at the same time. They came out like baked potato bites with crispy edges. But WAY easier prep than the baked fries. Might just have to try these again...

Confetti Balloons
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Some silly person on Pinterest thinks these are only for baby showers. What?! I know a girl turning 16 next month who would most likely find these divine. I kind of just want them in my living room at all times. So bright. So happy.

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Something must be in the air because I've once again been getting "Okay, Jessica Day..." comments about singing to street signs and finding craft supplies on sale that I just haveta have even without a real project in mind. She's just flawless, right? No greater compliment than "You're.... adorkable." 

Okay, so now you know. Spring is in my eyes and I can't stop, won't stop, never ever gonna give it up, never ever gonna let it go 'cause I won't stop believin' while I'm holding onto that feelin'.

What are you Springing for these days?


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  1. just watched multiple episodes of new girl yesterday. i want to be adorkable just like her.

  2. hehe you're definitely adorkable. UM this week's episode? I just watched it.. and cried.

  3. umm those confetti balloons are awesome now i just need a reason to have a party so i can use those for decoration!

  4. Love this! Those rugs are so great. Need to make one now. I've just been baking a lot... not sure why... but I've also been thrifting a lot of springy colored things and that's super fun! -Alexandra

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