About Time ... again

Last weekend, we watched About Time again and I just fell in love with it all over again. Something about that film [intentional, I'm sure] that helps me remember that life just isn't that serious. Sure, we need to make responsible choices, and be good life-partners, and help out friends in need. That's quite serious. But traffic jams and low cell phone batteries and spam email just really don't deserve the amount of energy and attention they get in my brain. If nothing else, we've got to learn to laugh at our own absurdities, right?

One of my favorite quotes from the film, at the end of the story, sums up what the narrator has learned throughout his time-travelling journeys. Instead of reliving each day to find the joy and hidden smiles, he starts out each day prepared to find them the first time around.

- "About Time"
I hope you're enjoying life today. I hope that, even with some of the crap that is sure to hit the fan by lunch time, or dinner time, or by this time next week, you'll join me in taking a step back from it all and relishing the exquisite truth that we are alive. Of all the people who've ever lived, and those yet to come, right now we get to love and laugh and cry and fall and get back up and live. That's rather incredible and a terrifyingly large responsibility to enjoy, don't you think?

Happy Wednesday. Let me know if you live something today, will you? I'll do my best to report back as well.

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  1. So far... I've made the best out of a boring work assignment. And took an opportunity to learn how to clean the Beta tanks at school rather than let them die from neglect... :) Which I could have felt much more negative about. :) Happy Wednesday friend! -Alexandra

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  2. oh man, i love that movie so much. i need to watch it again! LOVE IT.

  3. I love you. And I need to see this movie. And I needed to read this just now. Thank you.