About Opinions (and why they're okay)

Every once in a while, something comes up that really, really honks me off.
Usually, this relates to political or religious ish and always involves lots of name-calling and judging.
Can we talk about freedom for a sec? Yeah?
I'll even tone it down to NOT political or religious stuff so we can all relax just a tad.

Okay, here's the thing:
If I think that Miley Cyrus's lifestyle is NOT something to emulate or I don't really like the "F" word or I think people who love running are a foriegn species --- THAT'S OKAY.

People always want to sound off about feminism and freedom of expression and the right to your own happiness, etc. etc. and then cyber-tongue-lash people who "disagree" about any and every thing. Fun Fact: I AM ALLOWED TO DISAGREE WITH YOU.
What I'm NOT allowed to do is make it illegal for you have that opinion / lifestyle / right just because I happen to not agree with it.

So stop opinion-shaming people who love "Girls" but kind of wish Ms. Dunhman would keep her shirt on. We're allowed to think whatever we want to think. We're allowed to voice whatever opinions we have.* That is fact.

What we're NOT allowed to do is make it illegal for you do something solely because we don't like it. I just can't arrest Madame Cyrus for promoting the use of Molly in her tween-turned-teen fans and calling it a "revolution." Nope. She's got the right to live her life her way. Doesn't mean I have to like it. You see the difference? We don't all have to agree with everything for it to be allowed. That's the real newsflash here.

Let's be grownups, people. Maybe you feel that classic novels are stale and sexist. Maybe you think caffeine is a drug on par with other illegal substances and should be banned. Maybe you believe it's very, very wrong for me to live with my boyfriend before we're married. Do I agree with you? Hecky-to-the-NizzO. But you're absolutely welcome to have those opinions, and voice them, and I can't call you "wrong" or "judgey" or "out of line" for it. It's your right to have opinions, even if especially if they aren't held by the majority.

And yeah, you're allowed to hold the opinion that my opinion blows. And you can say that, too. I just wish we could get over ourselves long enough to let people think what they think and rejoice in the differences instead of ganging up on people who do happen to think / believe / vote / practice differently.

Now, off of my soapbox I go.

Happy Friday.
Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

*Let's not get crazy. Hate speech, slander, intimidation, bullying, and other things that actually have been determined to be illegal do not apply to this statement.

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  1. let's be grownups! even thought grownups are often the worst at this.