Working Out Probs

Can someone please explain to me why, as I've been working out a somewhat regularly in the last few weeks, my arms have become this big, behemoth gun show (like, Michelle Obama looks fragile and dainty next to my flexed biceps)

yet my legs and butt and thighs have simply remained mushy? Don't even get me started on the abdominal muscles that are supposed to be located neath my rib cage. #missing #CanYouPutLostAbsOnAMilkCarton?

I've been working out my legs WAY harder than my arms, but for some reason, my triceps' triceps are refusing to be cowed or hidden and my gluteus is flabulous to the maximus.

PS. Can I just comment that when I googled "workout gif," it was possibly the most sexist thing I've seen on the internet ... in my lifetime. Sheesh.

So, here's a gif of some dudes working out and looking silly because all the chicks were either (a) naked, (b) mostly naked, (c) doing some exercise that basically looked like sex, or (d) were overweight, working out, and being made fun of in gif form.
- 100,000 points for Gryffindor

Okay. Must go get my workout on. Happy Friday!

Sarah :: Your Plucky PIcaroon

ps. Oh yeah, Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. you'll get there! the arms just have less fat to work against usually so they show definition the quickest! i have the same problem

  2. I barely have to work out my arms, it's like welcome to the gun show. embarrassing. May I recommend squats? They suck but are great for thighs and butt!

  3. 1) I AM JEALOUS OF YOUR GUNS. No matter what I do mine are flabulous to the maximus (hahaha that was awesome) 2) I love the gif you picked and thanks for calling out the sexist gif makers of the interwebz 3) You're awesome. Let's hang out.