It's Friday and I just want to binge-watch TV

Life is so crazy and busy, and geez. February. Could it have lasted any longer?? Signs point to "No." Butttt it's Friday now which is my "day off" from the 9-5 gig. Fridays usually play out a little something like this.
6:00am - "James. The alarm clock. Please make it stop. I'm off today! I just want to sleep in."
6:03am - More of the same.
6:07am - More of the same.
6:11am - Yep. Still happening.
6:17am - Uggggh.
6:25am - Why even set an alarm if you're not going to get up??!
6:30am - More of the same.
6:42am - "Okay. Seriously. You have to leave for work in 8 minutes! Enough with the alarm already!! GET UP."
6:45am - Fall blissfully back into sleepytimedreamworld and relish the fact the alarm isn't set.
7:00am - Wake up in a panic because you forgot you have a dog now and it needs to be let out and ... eww.
7:30am - Guiltily drag yourself out of bed, feed and water the dog, let it pee, and then start Downton Abbey.
8:00am - Realize that it's actually NOT your day off because, you-little-go-getter-you, you have your own business and this day, Friday, is business day.
8:10am - 8:10pm - WORK.

So there you have it. My Fridays in a nutshell.

But I do manage to squeeze in some good, ol' fashioned channel surfin' and THESE ARE MY FAVORITES right now.

#1. (obvi) Pretty Little Liars

Is it smutty, unrealistic, and poorly acted? Yes. Is it amazeballs?? YES. We're almost through Season 4, but I didn't want to spoil any secrets for any plucky piquettes who haven't started watching their soon-to-be favorite show just yet... So, enjoy a trailer from the show's Season 1 premiere. :)

#2. Don't Trust the B--- In Apartment 23

My little brother actually recommended this show to me which, looking back on it, is just a little bit weird. But anyway... SO GOOD. The dialogue is on point, and the B--- is awesomely terrible and terribly awesome all at once. I mean, isn't it true friendship to sleep with your new roommate's fiance on her birthday cake just to show her what a d-bag her fiance is?? ... well, isn't it? heh

#3. My Cat from Hell

Okay, so whether you love cats or hate them which we all know is impossible, this show is so entertaining!! Em Snapp turned me onto it actually. What else are besties for, after all? But those who think cats are evil jerks will find proof of it here. Those who love cats for their intelligence and personalities will find proof that those who hate cats simply don't understand or appreciate them. IT'S ALL HERE, FOLKS.

I've also been treated to marathon seshes of White Collar and How I Met Your Mother in recent weeks because other people think they should have a say in what's on the TV. Dumb. But anyway.

Hope you enjoyed this pointless post.

For something worthwhile, check out Seth Rogen's Alzheimer's plea to a Senate subcommittee.

For something that highlights the priority issues of society, check out the Sexiest Winter Olympians (who aren't judged by their talent, skill, or dedication but rather by their looks). 

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  1. i just started house of cards and i wanted to call in sick so i could binge watch all day

  2. Ha love it! I haven't seen any of those shows but now I'm intrigued. We've been watching Buffy on netflix! Soooo '90's. Plus Veronica Mars, Downton and GOT. I'm always happy when I catch Boy Meets World or Sabrina The Teenage Witch reruns :) Happy Weekend! -Alexandra

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