Gett it.

Slowly adjusting to some of the life changes lately.

As in, I asked my bff to babysit on Thursday so I could go on a date with my boo. So there's that.
And Web Design by Sarah is doing very well! That plus the new part-time gig have some more cash-dollars making us holler in the household. So that's nice. Because, like, we actually have a savings account now...

But then let's add in the fact that I, as of last night, now take bubble baths. With candles. And wine. And it. is. ah-mazing. Total mom status but friends, listen, if you're feeling overwhelmed by a dude/pet/boss/whatev, THEN TAKE A BUBBLE BATH.

I actually dislike baths a whole lot because of what my Nanna used to call "butt soup" when I was kid and getting bathed with my younger siblings. So, now I have a weird aversion to public hot tubs and private baths. Because...eww. Butt soup??

But last night, Peyton was getting waylaid and I didn't have anything that absolutely had to happen right that second and I [confession] hadn't shaved my legs since November-ish and something in me clicked.

All That: Pierre Escargot
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Take it from me, neighborettes. Do the darn thing.

And groove to The Lumineers whilst you do it.

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  1. but no for reals, bubble baths make everything better...even if you did just use the term butt soup, i still love them

  2. Oooh bubble baths make the world go round. I prefer baths over showers. true life story

  3. :) So funny. I'm not a bath person yet, or a relax-able person really. I struggle hardcore. A goal I suppose. Glad it's great for you! And woot for cash money / savings accounts. :) -Alexandra

    & Thanks for the NOLA reccommendations :) You guys are awesome!

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