bodily harm

Hello, neighborettes!

I'm writing to you from home today, in pjs and fuzzy socks because, well... my body hates me.

First, it treated me to the mother of all headaches. All. Weekend. Long. Like, "Hey Sarah. I know you are off for a few days and you got a new puppy and you like using your eyeballs to look at things butttttt I've got other plans."

Next, it decided food couldn't sit with us. 

So after tossing my cookies yesterday morning, and going into the office anyway, I got to enjoy the rampant speculation from friends, coworkers, and neighbors that I'd be needing to pick out nursery colors sometime soon. Like, people freaked me out. A lot. But....

Now, my body seems to be bored with just the headache and the nausea. I mean, good things come in threes, right? ... right? 

That's right. Nothing like that thing that some people think is funny but is really kinda runny... Pardon me, I'm off to go enjoy my flu in all its glory. Because, let's just be real, we were all thinking it. Thank goodness. #nobabies

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  1. it's coming out of me like lava! lord i love that movie. however i don't like that you are sick.

  2. Oh no. : / Thank god my 3 weeks of sickness in November seem to have *knock on wood* gotten it all out of my system... but my preschoolers have started puking this week.. so that's coming. joy. Feel better soon. and OMG #nobabies is literally cracking me up at work. I needed a laugh. Thanks. :) -Alexandra

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