the sunday currently

reading  A Map of the World by Jane Hamilton. Still pretty early on in this read, but intrigued by the sudden plot twist. We'll see. :) 

writing  lots of code, social media content, and emails.

listening  to my sister watching Clueless. Such a classic flick.

thinking  that 2014 is the year when petty stuff just stops mattering. Want to disagree and/or argue for heck of it? Keep moving. Too many real issues deserving my attention this year to get caught up in drama just to be dramatic.

smelling  reheated chilli that Hannah and I had for lunch.

wishing  I had put a hoodie on before starting this post, because I can't seem to pull myself away to go get one, but....BRRRR. It's cold up in here.

hoping  I make good on my promises to myself to hit the gym this year. 'cause, on my honor, I've been to the gym ONCE so far this year. ONCE. what??!!

wearing  church clothes: leggings, dress, sweater-thingy over it. But dat hoodie, doe.

wanting  a hot cup of coffee. :)

needing  to go pants shopping! Turns out I didn't even keep very many pairs in storage!

feeling  energized and excited, always a good sign. 

clicking  Science Porn.

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  1. Ah Clueless! I've never actually seen the whole thing. Or more than 5 minutes really. And this seems like a problem to me. Adding to list of 12 classic/cult classic films to watch in 2014! Thanks. :) What's it like to be in pants again? :) I scored the day after Christmas at JCP of all places. Amazing skinnies in three different colors for just $15 each! Pretty pleased about that one.. :) Good luck! -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. Clueless, I haven't watched that movie for years!

  3. ok clueless, gotta love it. buttttt still a little weirded out she falls for her half bro, even if it is paul rudd.