So, about that authenticity thing...

I just posted a couple of days ago about being real and, friends, last night was very, verrry real.

Let me set the stage by asking,
Do you ever get  bummed at your own taste in people? Because you have such good taste in people that all of your closest relationships are with incredible people who have gigantic hearts and giving hands and quick wit and great intentions?
Sounds awful great, right?
This is probably the worst complaint ever butttttt it's my blog, so...

Because I happen to be one of those people who buries herself in self-doubt,
who needs constant reassurance from somewhere out there

that all is well and good and achieving and accepted in there,

and that's even more tough when you feel inadequate and, well, whiney compared to pretty much everyone you know.

Cue Dramatic Lighting

The last few weeks have held some undeniably large life changes, and for a Type A* like me, that means anxiety to the max. Like a beautiful-but-bitter-cherry-Warhead-on-top of that sundae, add a bunch of wonderful people who handle things so much more wonderfully than I and are super supportive and  are just generally fantastic at everything. And I'm observing all of this, and comparing it to the way I've been handling things and... and ... we've got the perfect conditions for an epic shouting match between Anxiety Voice and Self-Critical Voice in Matlock's brain. 

"...wooo!" she said sarcastically.

Just know that sometimes, some of us can't be great at every given moment and that drives us bonkers / into a spiral of self-doubt about our worth. Sometimes, we cry and beg to be reassured that we are, in fact, great in our own way. And when we share that very, verrrry vulnerable side of ourselves with you, know that we feel ridiculous and inadequate and hate our need for someone else to bolster our spirits and tend our emotional wounds and affirm our worth. But that's life. We all need it sometimes, right? ... Bueller?

Whatev. I'm feeling pretty emo. How about an Avril song to send us out?

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

*Seriously?!?! Maybe it was naive, intentional self unawareness but discovering my Type A tendencies earlier this week was legit news to me. Weirdly, no one else seems to be surprised by this recent revelation.... 

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. This was my life last night... props on the Avril song. So old school. 7th grade me is belting it out. -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. oh man, you more than nailed this on the head as i had this exact convo with brad yesterday.... and i just felt so whiney, but couldn't help my feelings.

  3. also...I'm going to be needing your NOLA recommendations! :) We haven't planned anything.. but if you wouldn't mind emailing me your list of things to see/places to eat, tips etc... that would be pretty much the best thing ever. ;) Thank you! -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things