Getting there...

Remember a few weeks back when I so enthusiastically shared that my sister was coming to stay? Yeah. Let's talk about how having a smart, sassy, super-independent teen under your roof can be when you're only a decade wiser older. So my weeks have been full of school enrollments and two-hour delays and rules & consequences and lots and lots of adventures...

Gladly, I DID make it to the gym this week and another session is on the docket. Maybe another sweat sesh will happen tonight (?).

I'm plowing through a case of Diet Coke each week, and my coffee intake is about double that of undergraduate-finals-week-consumption.

Soon, I think, a full body massage and a ladies-only wine night might be in order.

These are things I'm dreaming about now. #momstatus

Overall, with all of the ups and [emotional] downs, I feel pretty good about our little family at this point. We're learning a lot about each other, and we've got lots of space for improvement which is daunting exciting.

In other news, I decided last night at BD's Mongolian Grill that I'm actually the daughter of a foreign prince that mom had a fling with in her early twenties and I'm now fully expecting Julie Andrews to knock on our door bearing my fortune and my crown.

"Sarah" does mean princess in Hebrew, after all...

Now that I think about, maybe I'll hit the hay and try the gym tomorrow. This STMILE* is wiped out.

Happy Friday!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

*Sister-Turned-Mom-I'd-Like-To-Eff, of course. /hilarity ensues

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  1. TOTAL stmile. ;) Hope all goes well.. I can't even imagine. You're a champ.

  2. Remember me when Julie Andrews knocks on your door ;) What a dream! haha -Alexandra

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